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Do you believe in UFO's? Do you think conspiracies are real? Have an interest in the paranormal? If you are looking for answers to these or other strange phenomena, then The Chosen is the online radio broadcast for you.  Join Ron Mills and guests each week as they discuss live online the secrets and hidden meanings behind some of the worlds strangest mysteries and phenomena.  

Show host, Ron ‘The Navigator’ Mills is a native Ohioan, with a background in social work and a strong interest in exploring the truth about ufology, conspiracies and the paranormal.  Mills’s first passion has always been writing.  His 14 years working with African-American teens lead him to co-author the book, Style Over Substance: A Critical Analysis of an African American Teenage Subculture.  His second book, a novel titled, Healers, tells the story of individuals that acquire the power to instantaneously heal disease and discomfort. 

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The Chosen broadcasts live online, every Monday at 8:00PM EST
Podcasts of The Chosen are available for download 24/7

The Chosen is an online radio broadcast heard exclusively on

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